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Getting Started with RLetters

One of the lab’s main products is a suite of tools designed to enable users to perform textual analysis tasks in a user-friendly manner against a corpus of journal articles – a task not common in traditional digital humanities work, which tends to be focused on book-length material. The software is a bit of a challenge to get running, however, requiring some experience in system administration. This post is designed to offer interested researchers a “walkthrough” on how to get a quick server up, running, and loaded with data.

Niches, Red Queens, and Ecological Structure

I was struck the other day by a theme that Richard Lewontin pulls out in a long discussion of the concept of “adaptation” in Scientific American.1 Two common ways of talking about evolution, he argues, wind up embroiling us in a fallacious way of talking about the environment.

  1. Unfortunately, this article is behind a paywall. At the time of posting, this link points to a copy hosted elsewhere.